Jonathan E. Adams

President, Outsourced IT Service

Jonathan E. Adams is a business and community leader with deep roots in Easton, Massachusetts, and the rest of New England. Adams also started an outsourced IT services company in 1997, and he still helps schools and students in his area. Adams and his wife, Coni, both work in different ways to help many charitable groups and events. Wizard Computer Services, Inc. is run by Adams, who is the president and owner. The company offers IT solutions in the greater New England area through consulting, installation, support, and managed services. Skilled workers take care of the needs of a wide range of business clients.

Jonathan E. Adams works in both IT and real estate, so he has a lot of contacts and endorsements in both fields. He is in charge of several companies, which gives him a lot of business experience in many areas. Adams's career highlights include the fact that Wizard Computer Services, Inc. has been in business for 25 years. During this time, the company has had more than 700 satisfied commercial clients. Adams helped the company grow from having one employee to having more than 20 employees now. Adams has also done important things for the community and for good causes.

Adams is a husband and father of four children. He is also active in his community and often helps charities in different ways. Adams works for organizations like Team Intestinal Fortitude, for which he was named Man of the Year in 2014. He also volunteers at many schools, often in connection with his children. His interests are usually related to sports, and he has been on the football, baseball, and golf teams at school at different times and in different roles. One of the best things he did was coach the 4th grade Easton Tigers, who won the Super Bowl. Adams likes to lift weights and play golf in his free time, among other things.